Florida State Wins in OT Without Jameis

We all know how the age-old adage goes: you never know how much you care about something until it’s taken away from you.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston might have just learned that lesson tonight. Winston continued to make fans scratch their heads with his most recent behavior as his team suspended him for the entire game against Clemson.

The Seminoles squeaked out one of the better games we’ll see this college football season, saving Winston from the devastating reality that his behavior cost his team a title. We might look back on tonight as the evening that turned around Winston’s career and, hopefully, life.

I’m not saying what Winston did was so terrible. We’ve all been in college before. The suspension was probably a result of several actions, and was probably warranted, but man, the attention we pay to someone barely old enough to drink alcohol seems pretty ridiculous. All that said, this will probably be one of the most important moments in Winston’s life.

For most of the game, he had to feel like he’d blown it. Fortunately for him and Florida State, Clemson couldn’t get out of their own way and came away with only a handful of points despite so many trips deep into the red zone. Missed field goals, a bad snap, penalties and basically anything that could go wrong did in those trips and FSU took advantage.

I’ll tell you what, though, true freshman quarterback DeShaun Watson is a star in the making.

My favorite image of the night had to be Winston right after he realized his team was on the verge of a crazy win. I’m not saying I conclusively saw tears well up, but it did appear a little dusty on that sideline. Winston is an incredibly emotional kid; it’s probably his most endearing quality. You had to know that tonight meant the world to him. Which is why you hope tonight finally ends the stupidity that has been his behavior off the field.

Florida State should fall out of the top spot in tomorrow’s AP rankings, but I’ve never felt as confident as I do now about their chances at repeating – especially led by an immediately matured Jameis Winston.


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