Keith Olbermann Accuses NFL of Ray Rice Cover-Up

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann, in a monologue during the Monday broadcast of his show Olbermann, ripped apart NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Baltimore Ravens management and Atlantic County prosecutors and judges for their attempt to white-wash the vicious assault by Ray Rice on his then-fiancee in February. Olbermann, who may be the very best in media, sports or otherwise, when it comes to displaying righteous indignation, pulled no punches during his tirade Monday. The former MSNBC political commentator called Goodell “an enabler to men who beat women” and demanded that the commissioner either resign or be removed by the owners of the league.

Below is video of his monologue.


There really isn’t much more you can add to Olbermann’s comments. He pretty much nailed it and put the whole thing into clear context for all of us to digest. The fact is, the video that came out on Monday morning served only to shame the Ravens and the NFL and force them to realize that they could not merely make this go away. Once the video of Rice brutally punching his now-wife in the face was seen by everyone, the already heavily criticized non-punishment given Rice by the league looked absolutely criminal in nature.

The Ravens and the NFL are hoping to be let off the hook by their after the fact actions on Monday. Baltimore will point out that they released Rice. Goodell and the league will state that they have suspended the running back indefinitely and any team seeking to sign Rice will need to get permission first. However, even before this video came out, it was clear that Rice brutalized a woman and knocked her out cold. Everyone involved shouldn’t have needed a video recording of the actual incident to do the right thing. The fact is, they wanted to sweep this under the rug and go about their business. Instead, the chickens have now come home to roost.


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