San Francisco 49ers Strike Fair Deal With Colin Kaepernick

The San Francisco 49ers wasted no time in striking a deal with Colin Kaepernick. After rumors emerged of the two sides talking about a new contract a couple weeks ago, many thought it would be a process that could drag on. But drag on it did not.

Now all the worry about Kaepernick potentially hitting the free agent market next season is a thing of the past. He’s going to be a 49er through 2020, and he’ll be one at a fair price.

Obviously $60 million in guaranteed money is a ton of cash (record amount). But he’ll only truly be paid like one of the best QBs in the business if he plays like one. If Kaepernick earns every cent of his new deal then he’ll make $21 million per. Not too shabby.

Overall you have to call this deal fair for both sides. The 49ers have made it clear that Kaep is their guy moving forward, and they’re willing to pay him premium money if he performs at a high level.

Fans of the 49ers are surely breathing a sigh of relief as well, as this is just one more thing to cross of the list prior to the start of 2014. This upcoming season is all about finally getting over the hump, and distractions are the last thing needed in the Bay Area.



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