Calvin Johnson Is Just Insanely Good. Enough Said.

Prior to Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant claimed that he could do whatever Lions’ receiver Calvin Johnson can do. In an interview with a Dallas radio station on Monday, he had this to say: “I believe I can do whatever he can do. I think it’s just a pride thing. When it comes to football, just being on the field, it’s a mindset and having a mentality. I honestly believe when I’m there, I’ll be feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I’m going to do it.”

Well, Johnson must have taken that as a challenge because he had the game of a lifetime on Sunday. In a wild 31-30 win against the Cowboys, Megatron caught 14 balls for an unreal 329 yards to go with a TD. That was the 2nd most receiving yards in a NFL game in history. While Bryant had a pretty good game of his own, with 3 catches for 72 yards and 2 TDs, it just couldn’t compare with the ridiculousness that was Calvin Johnson’s afternoon.

The Lions were able to pull out an improbable win in the 4th quarter. Down 6 points with just 1:02 left and no timeouts, Stafford was able to carve apart the Cowboys defense with long completions to Kris Durham and Johnson. After completing a 22-yard pass to Johnson to get the Lions to the 1-yard line and the clock ticking down, Stafford was able to plunge over the line for the score. He seemed to fool the Cowboys (and perhaps his own teammates) as they thought he was going to spike the ball to kill the clock. Withe the extra point, the touchdown put the Lions up by 1 with 12 seconds left and they’d go on to win the game.

Losing in this fashion, and being completely eclipsed by Johnson, may have been too much for Bryant. After Stafford’s score, Bryant and tight end Jason Witten were seen getting into a heated argument on the sidelines.

I think Dez Bryant just needs to forget about this past week and try to put it behind him. It’s been a little rough. Chin up, Dez. Chin up.



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