Comically Bad Turnout At Jacksonville Rally For Tim Tebow

At 3:16 PM ET on Monday, about a dozen or so Tim Tebow fans gathered at the EverBank Field Stadium parking lot in Jacksonville, FL to rally and encourage Jaguars management to sign Tebow. Besides the start time, the rally was scheduled to last exactly 3 hours and 16 minutes, to represent the bible verse John 3:16, which Tebow used to write on his eye black in college. These fans have a website, a Facebook page and have tried to get the word out on Twitter.

And, by the looks of it, the turnout was absolutely horrendous! While it would seem like there’d be the ability to galvanize the Jacksonville fanbase to get behind something that might bring interest to their team, only a handful of people showed up. The Facebook group that was started has 807 members as of this writing. The website is amateurish and cheap, not helping the group’s cause very much. The only buzz on Twitter this afternoon was about how pathetically small the rally was.

Perhaps we can all come to the conclusion that the idea of Tebow as an NFL quarterback has come and gone. While the Jaguars’ front office has already said, numerous times, that they aren’t interested in Tebow, it now appears clear that the fans in Jacksonville don’t really want him either. Of course, there may just not be many Jaguars fans left in Jacksonville, based on their recent play and awful attendance figures. However, considering Tebow is from Jacksonville, you’d think that even non-Jags fans would come and participate in the rally. That did not appear to be the case.

Is it possible that we can finally declare Tebowmania dead? If Tebow fans can’t even get a rally going for him in his hometown to convince the worst team in the NFL to sign him, why should any team think they need him to boost ticket sales? It seems to me that the world has finally moved on from Tim Tebow. The ‘Jags-Tebow Why Not?’ movement was supposed to be a powerful statement made to an NFL team’s ownership about Tebow. Indeed, there was a statement made, and that statement was ‘Nobody cares!’


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