Yes or No 07/25/13: D-Bry, More

Daniel Bryan has no chance of beating John Cena at SummerSlam? NO: It’s a long shot, but Bryan has been on quite a hot streak lately, and has the fan base. Granted, booking 101 dictates that the hotter the challenger, the less likely they are to win the first match. Of course, that’s been the rule for so long that fans now expect the hot challenger to lose, so the swerve is actually having them win (there were no swerves in HHH’s 2002 title run). Having said that, “booking” is completely up to Vince McMahon – we can guess, and discuss history, but at the end of the day, our speculation means jack. There’s 3.5 weeks left til SummerSlam – anything can happen. Cena could come out next week and face 10 men in a gauntlet match, making him the strong one who will lose. Or Bryan could be in the dog house for his potential fiance showing a little too much skin on Raw. Or Cena could be in the doghouse for Vince thinking it was his Bella that showed too much skin on Raw. I don’t think Bryan will beat Cena, but I’m not betting against it.

Did I enjoy Chris Jericho’s 2013 run? YES: On one hand, Jericho’s one of my favorites, so I’m always excited when he comes back. On the other hand, his losses to Ryback and Fandango were meaningless – they didn’t hurt him, but they didn’t help his opponents either. I did enjoy the build-up to his match with Punk (and the match itself), and his match with RVD on Raw, but that was it. I’d like to see more stuff like that from his returns in the future, otherwise they’ll become meaningless.

Bully Ray should still be TNA World Champion? NO: I follow TNA – TV, PPVs, house shows. I do not think they are perfect. Quite often, I find myself shaking my head at the things they do, but I do like them. Going into DX, I wanted Sabin to win, but figured there was no chance in hell it would happen. And then Sabin won! TNA finally rewarded me as a fan for putting up with all the stupid things they do! I’m sure Bully will win it back soon enough, and knowing TNA, this little title run of Sabin’s will be forgotten, but for now, I’m glad TNA surprised me and put the strap on Sabin. Having said that, the timing of it could’ve been better – Bully’s leading a bunch of losers against the Mafia, and he’s the top guy right now, and was really benefiting from having the strap, so losing it right now might not have been the best call, but I don’t think it’s going to derail anything TNA has planned for him.

Chris Sabin will have a successful TNA World Title reign? NO: I really hope I’m wrong. I hope Sabin has a good title run, and this ends up being the first of many for him. But TNA’s track-record isn’t all that great with new champs. Bully is an exception, as his first title run has been really good, this loss included. AJ Styles, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, and RVD were 5 guys whose title reigns I was looking forward to, and none of them had what I would consider “successful” title reigns. I attribute this more to TNA than the wrestlers themselves.


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