Yes or No 07/11/13: MITB, ROH Tournament, More

Daniel Bryan will win the All-Star Money in the Bank Ladder Match? YES: I’d like to say so, because the dude has a wave of momentum going for him that seems to just be getting bigger. He’s bested Orton and Sheamus in 2 out of 3 weeks, as well as closed the go home show for Money in the Bank. I’d say he has pretty good chances, though the wrestling rule of opposites (where the go who is on top at the close of the show before the pay-per-view always loses) dictates that he wont be able to win the match, I believe that he will, and it makes me want to watch the PPV to find out.

Mark Henry should be WWE Champion after Money in the Bank? YES: I have never liked the periods of time in which John Cena is WWE Champion, I don’t hate the guy like a lot of people do but he is one of the most boring champions the WWE have ever had. Mark Henry on the other hand is one of the most entertaining members of the roster, and has been for a couple of years now. Henry has done everything the WWE has asked of him for over 10 years, and since he dropped 100 pounds a few years ago he has been constantly improving in the ring and on the microphone. I don’t normally agree with giving people titles as some sort of gift for long service, but Mark Henry has done everything right and improved on every aspect that needed work. I can’t think of one reason why he shouldn’t be WWE Champion, not that it is going to happen though.

The Wyatt Family made an impressive debut on Raw? 50/50: I loved their whole look, and I thought they were really creepy. But I just don’t think that gang attacking Kane counts as an impressive debut. Maybe it is the cynic in me but when a new guy debuts I don’t care that much because I know he could be nothing in just a few short months, it is what he does after that debut that is judged impressive or not. But like I said I loved the look and the whole feel of the Wyatt Family, it is a pretty unique character for wrestling. Although I can’t help but think about Deliverance when I see the Wyatt Family, which makes me quite uneasy, which is brilliant for an evil character. It was an ok debut, but the same could have been accomplished with anyone.

Brad Maddox will be a good Raw General Manager? NOPE: I’m starting to wonder if Brad Maddox is like a secret McMahon or something. The guy doesn’t have much skill in any field yet the WWE are giving him airtime. He’s an attractive guy and that’s never something to complain about seeing but he just doesn’t seem to want to go away, and now he’s the GM of Monday Night Raw! I hate to be the smarky internet guy, but his success is completely down to whether or not the WWE want him to be a success. I think the WWE creative believe that he is just one of those characters you love to hate, and therefore he will probably be one of the most annoying GM’s Raw has had this side of Mike Adamle. Although Adamle was pretty brilliant trying to be the Ronald Reagan of Raw, that was a stroke of genius. I don’t have the same hopes for Maddox.

The Gut Check Challenge is still viable even though most of the people involved in it are gone from TNA? NO: I don’t actually agree with putting someone on TV without a character and storyline for them, and only one person can really get any kind of rub from the Gut Check Challenge. The rest of the guys are out there without any kind of direction and any screw ups here will make them look bad when they debut again in a couple of months or so. This kind of discussion should be done by TNA developmental and not by the TNA fans. Look at whom WWE chose in their Tough Enough contest! The audience clearly doesn’t know who will make a good superstar but its ok because TNA and WWE both pay guys thousands of dollars to do that job. Audience participation is good to a certain level but a guy can be all kinds of likeable and still suck in the ring.

Chris Sabin will defeat Bully Ray for the TNA Championship? YES: I would love for this to happen, I’ve been a pretty big fan of Chris Sabin’s work since about 2006, and I’d love to see his return from injury culminate in a championship win, but honestly, I don’t see it working out like that. Bully Ray seems like a guy that will be champion until at least Bound for Glory, and Sabin seems like another contender for his title. Though I will give lots of credit, by putting Sabin over Aries clean in a match, as well as giving him the back against Aces and Eights, he has a lot better shot now than he would have last week, I just don’t see it being a big enough one to dethrone the Bully.

Low Ki will return to a major wrestling promotion within a year? YES: I say this based on the question of what counts as a major promotion? Does Ring of Honor count? They do have a TV deal (though it’s syndicated), and I could see him showing up for maybe a one-off match, or maybe working with them in some capacity. Last I checked, he was working with Dragon Gate USA and Evolve, so I don’t see him going to TNA or WWE for at least a year. WWE wouldn’t know what to do with him, based on what they did last time, when they even gave him the win on NXT 2: Electric Boogaloo. TNA, I don’t think he’d go back to right now, and I don’t think he needs TNA. But Ring of Honor I could see (if they count, do they count, or are they still just a big Indy?) over the other two, and that is how this get the FACT!

Holding a tournament is a good way for ROH to crown a new champion? NO: I’m quite a fan of tournaments but I think ROH should be able to find something more entertaining to crown a new champion. For a company that is still trying to even break into basic cable they really need to keep an eye on what is more entertaining for the audience, and tournaments are very rarely ever the answer. Battle Royal’s seem to be the go to match for crowning new champions, and that may be a tad overdone but it has the excitement factor that those tournaments loose pretty soon into the night.

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